The Guide to Instax Mini 9

A symbol of style and innovation, Instax cameras are the most fun part of the photography world today. A Fujifilm instant camera gives you the prints immediately. In this digital era, they come as breathe of fresh air. You can use these cameras for photography experiments, while having some gala time with friends, at parties and events, and it surely takes you to down memory lane, how it actually feels like to touch a real photograph.

Instax Mini 9 is all in rage because of its super cool features and ultra-stylish colours. The camera has everything to make you urge for it. Its comes in five trendy colours Flamingo Pink, Cobalt Blue, Ice Blue, Smoky White And Lime Green colour catches your eyes and features like high/low – key mode, selfie mirror, and close-up lens attachment fits for a photographic mind.

How to use Instax Mini 9?

As cute and adorable these instant cameras are, they are also equally easy to use. Hence, below we give a step by step guide on how to your Instax Mini 9:

Step 1:

After you have admired the charm and beauty of the Mini 9 camera, the first thing you need to do is insert the batteries in your brand-new Instax camera. Doing that is similar to inserting batteries in any other electronic appliances.

Step 2:

The second thing to assemble before you can switch on your camera is the films. You must load the film pack in your Instax Mini 9 camera. Press the top latch of the film compartment to open it. Then place your film cartridge inside the camera and make sure the yellow dots on the film and the camera are both aligned.

Step 3:

You’ll find a power button stationed just beside the lens; you now need to turn that on.

Step 4:

With your camera on now, you must eject the film cover by pressing the shutter.

Step 5:

Instax Mini 9 camera comes with automatic brightness regulation along with a brightness control setting, so you can both manually and automatically set the brightness. You must point your camera at the centre of your subject, Instax will automatically decide the perfect light for you.

Step 6:

However, if you are not satisfied by the brightness set automatically, you can set it yourself by turning the dial to the point where the lamp is lit.

Step 7:

You are now ready to take a photograph, so you can press the shutter for the same. Once done, you must wait for the film to pop out and then gently remove it from the camera.

Step 8:

Place your film on a table or any other flat surface and let it develop. No need to shake the film as it develops on its own.

You are done!

Eight simple steps and you are ready to do some fabulous Instant photography. So, get your Instax Mini 9 camera today and venture to this new world of photography.

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