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Planning a party isn’t a plain-sailing task anymore. Days, when a good-to-go menu and a quick guest list were enough planning for a party, are long gone. Now you have the pressure of keeping your guests entertained and offering them something new and exciting every time. Therefore, if you have been thinking of a great idea that can help you make your party more fun and memorable, Instax mini 9 has got you covered!

Puzzled? Instax mini 9 is a camera that pops out instant photo prints and there’s a lot that you can do with instant photos to add more drama to your party.

Groovy Photo Booths –

How about a photo booth? The concept has been around for ages now and who does not like adding a retro feel to the party. Think of themes right from the 70’s Disco to 80’s Popstars.  Photo booths with crazy themes make for a great attraction in any party and since everybody comes dressed to the nines, clicking pictures definitely sounds like the order of the day. So put on your party hat, grab that Instax mini 9 and click away!

Delightful Guestbooks

Guestbooks are another merry way of adding fun to your party. Let your guests click their pictures, paste it in the book and write a fun, quirky note for you to remember. While the guests will thoroughly enjoy this fun activity, it will also be a great way to cherish all the memories of your party.

Personalized gifts

And last, personalized gifts. Of course, a picture of the two of you, you and your guest, during the party will be a sweetly personalized keepsake they can take back home. Wrap your gift up with this sweet inclusion for your guest to also cherish the time they spent with you!

Like we always say, Instax Mini 9 is the sweetest way to crafting memories because when you share an original, there is nothing pretentious about it.

Like we always say, Instax Mini 9 is the sweetest way to crafting memories, no pretentions just happiness.  

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