Scream to the max! Its shoo cute!

I’ve been waiting for this one for so long, many thanks to Fujifilm for the cute minion instax!

I love to take my minion out all the time be it an event, shoot or travel.

Capturing memories and fun pictures with Instax Mini 8 Minion camera is all I want.

Inspired by the movie Despicable me 3, the Instax minion Mini 8 sees a bright yellow body attached with a removable blue pants accessory that doubles as a stand and a cover. The lens cap that resembles the Minion’s eye makes it more appealing.

Instax captures the magic of the moment and develops it in a picture instantly, just like old school days. In a world where Instagram takes precedence, instax serves as instant reminders of those beautiful memories forever.

What’s in the Box?

  • – Instax Camera ( Complete specs at the end of the blog )
  • – Strap
  • – LR6 Batteries
  • – Instructional Manuals
  • – Silicon Camera Stand
  • – Silicon Lens Cap

The Look & Feel.

Yellow and Blue dominate this camera, and we are certainly not complaining! This camera is adorable with and without the attachments. Yes, it is pretty much the Instax mini 8 in yellow, but the cute minion illustrations and the black-grey-white lens colour scheme representing the minion’s eye(s) is definitely a precious makeover.

The camera is very light and easy to carry around. The silicon lens cap, made to look like the minion eye(s), is the perfect lens cover. The silicon pant attachment of the camera becomes the perfect stand for the Instax and, for us, the magnum opus of the cameras minion look.

Product features:

Specially designed mini 8 with Minion graphics

Offers a stylish and fun look.

Brightness adjustment dial

Allows you to select from f/12.7 (indoors, night), f/16 (cloudy, shade), f/22 (sunny, slightly cloudy), and f/32 (sunny and bright)apertures for customized use.
Manual exposure-switching system
Features a flashing LED indicator that recommends an ideal setting.
Its 1/60 shutter speed lets you capture spontaneous moments quickly, and its brightness adjustment dial automatically optimizes its settings for indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.
Love the outcome!!!
It’ quick and easy fun for all!!! Great for parties for instance pictures!
All in all it is a great product for creating memories and to gift someone on special occasions too.

A big thumbs up from my side !!

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