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Birthday and gifts are almost synonymous with each other. Even the most elderly person act like a child, and waits for gifts and presents on his /her birthday. But, often it happens, that whenever a birthday of any dear one is approaching, you sit back, all puzzled, thinking what special can you gift to make the birthday a memorable one. Fujifilm Instax and its amazing series of instant cameras make this task easy for you. Not only these too-cute-to-be-true Fujifilm instant cameras are themselves a great birthday present they further shower a line of ideas by which you can gift something super special and personal to your loved ones.

So, now hold your horses and get ready to be enlightened by some fabulous birthday present ideas with Instax:

What can be better than Instax Itself?

Instax instant cameras are a cool and fun gift that can make anybody feel and happy excited. There lies a wonderful range of Instax instant cameras; they not only make photography fun but also are very pretty to look at; you can almost instantly fall in love with them. Instax Minion and Instax mini HELLO KITTY are two such cameras. Silhouetted in the iconic minion and kitty design, they make for an excellent gifting item. In addition to these, Instax comes in variety of designs to choose from including cute Mini 9, Classy Mini 90, Trendy Mini 70, Chic Mini 25, Hybrid Instax Sqaure & awesome Instax Wide 300. So, when you find people jumping with joy after getting an Instax Minion or Instax mini HELLO KITTY, please don’t be surprised.

Now, some DIY ideas:

Instax coasters

Instax Square SQ10 gives you perfectly square pictures. Use these symmetrical instant prints to revamp standard looking coasters. Select the funniest prints you have and stick them on the coasters. Later secure them with a thick cellophane covering and you are good to go. Your personalized Instax coasters are ready.

Instax Square SQ10

Instax pop-out album

All you need is a petite wooden and some beautiful memories captured in the Instax instant prints. Stick them vertically over a satin ribbon at a standard distance. Paste the first photo face up on the interior of the wooden box and simply fold the rest inside the box. It will be no less than a box full of treasure.

Instax instant prints

Instax postcards

How about going old school and sending a lovely postcard to your dear ones on their birthday. Instax Wide 300 gives large prints that can substitute for your postcard. Pen down a lovely message to complete this special gift.

Instax Wide 300


Gift-wraps and tags

Lastly, whatever gift you may give, you can always add a personal touch to it by adorning the gift-wrap with memorable instant prints from your Fujifilm instant camera. In addition, you can hand-make some Instax gift tags to make the wrapping look extraordinary.

Fujifilm instant camera


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