Instax, an Instant Camera is the best gift for Father’s Day

He was the one who could mend everything from our broken toys to our wounded knees; he’s the one who has always been dropping and picking us from schools and parties, he’s been the one whom we go to with all the demands from a trip to Disneyland to buying latest cell phones. A father is that superhero who has and will always do anything for us. Therefore, with father’s day standing just around the corner, we all must do something special for him. However, whenever we think of gifting him something, it may seem impossible to figure out what to get dad for Father’s Day when it seems he already has everything. The simple solution is to give Dad something that’s memorable and unique.

Make this Father’s day special for your dad by gifting him an Instax instant camera. We all have many childhood albums filled with pictures clicked by our dads, and we are sure, on receiving this camera; he will be both nostalgic and happy, as you are giving him a gift that he’ll be able to cherish forever.

Instax cameras come with a lot of variety. Instax gives you a series of awesome instant cameras from which you can pick the one that you think your dad will like the most. And because we know well that there are all kinds of dad; we will help you explore different Instax cameras, and you can accordingly decide which one complements your dad the best.

Instax Square 10

For the dads who like both old school and new things, Instax Square 10 posses an ideal pick. It’s a hybrid camera where you can enjoy the features of a digital camera while cherishing the stylish square format instant pictures as well. Hence, if your dad’s a kind of a person who loves old songs but prefers a smartphone to hear them, then Instax Square 10 can be your Father’s Day gift for him.

Instax Mini 90

If your dad is still rocking the seventies in style and who loves experimenting with photography than the neo classic cool Instax Mini 90 is the perfect camera for him.  This instant film camera automatically detects the brightness of surroundings and pops out the perfect instant picture. With a double exposure mode for 2 images on one sheet and a bulb mode for shooting light trails, this retro look camera is a forward piece of technology with a classy look.

Instax Mini 9

If your dad’s a busy man, always traveling and working, gift him an Instax mini 9, this father’s day. Instax Mini 9 is petite and gorgeous looking camera that gives you wallet size instant prints. Therefore, first, your dad can carry this camera wherever he goes; besides, he can also adorn these instant prints in his wallet effortlessly.

Instax Wide 300

The dads who like to keep family photos can be given an Instax Wide 300. This instant camera lets you have wide pictures. Any family photo or a party picture that must capture many people can be taken from the Instax Wide 300. So, gift your dad this functional piece, and next thing you find him doing is clicking wide happy pictures.

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