How to create a Travel Diary with Instax?

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Take your wanderlust a step forward with Instax and its instant prints. Traveling is fun, but once you are back from your rove, it’s nothing but memories. Therefore, keep these memories afresh by preserving them in a travel diary. Make yourself a travel diary with Instax that can become a testament to your adventurous spirit. Besides, your travel diary will be a gateway to reminisce your beautiful experiences.

Plan your looming trip with any of the Instax instant cameras, and click amazing pictures of beautiful locations to adorn your travel diary. Want to know how?

How to create a Travel Diary with Instax?

Here’s a simple and fun DIY to make a creative travel diary:

Materials Required:

  • Instax Square 10 or Instax Wide 300
  • A journal
  • Glue
  • Markers and pens

Instax Square 10


  1. Take your Instax camera with you on your trip and take instant prints that describe the whole journey. You can start with a picture at the airport, then of the places you have been to, where you stayed, etc.

Instax camera

  • Once you have all the pictures, arrange them in a systematic order; from the starting to the end of the journey.

instant prints

  • Decide how you want to paste the pictures, like one in a page or two, or maybe a collage.

  • Paste the pictures using glue in a clean and organized way.

  • The next step would be to add titles using a marker to your pages according to the pictures stuck on them. For example, the page that has a photo of you at the Eiffel tower can be titled as “A day at the most romantic place in the world: Eiffel Tower.”

Instax Wide 300

  • You can add short notes of your experiences using a pen.

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  • Easy and delightful; trust us when we say that you will thank yourself for recording your travel memories in this travel diary every time you’ll go through it.
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