Go beyond the box with Instax and give her a gift that will touch her heart!

Mother’s day is just around the corner and it is a task to choose a gift for someone, especially when it comes to moms. Every mother is different but there is ONE common instinct; moms are sentimental. It doesn’t matter if you have a sporty mom, a corporate mom, or a superwoman mom. Every mom is sentimental to some degree. It’s part of the job!

So what kind of mother’s day gift is perfect for a mom who loves all things thoughtful? Try giving her   Instax instant camera this mother’s day and we bet she would love preserving memories with it forever, the same way she used to capture your childhood moments and seal it into a picture, which we are sure till date holds a special place in her heart.

Let your mom have a little old school fun with this super cute instant camera. The Fujifilm Instax mini 9 is the perfect gift for moms who just can’t get enough of those fun family photos. If you’re planning a family get together for Mother’s Day, encourage her to open this gift right away. So that she can take advantage of photo-worthy moments. The best part is that this camera prints out a credit card sized pictures. Perfect for displaying in wallets, showcasing in a scrapbook or simply hanging on the wall. It looks awesome whichever way you want to cherish.

As someone rightly said, “Of all the gift life has to offer, a mother is the greatest of them all.” So, this Mother’s Day takes the heart-whelming opportunity to say thank you to your mother for all the love and warmth she has showered on you. Gift her something unique and special like Instax Mini 9, not only it pops out instant picture prints on the spot, it subsequently, makes for a lovely idea for some fun as well as an emotional gift for your mom, this Mother’s Day

Check out a cool DIY you can do with Instax Mini 9 and its instant prints.

Material required:

  • Instant Prints from Instax Mini 9 having snaps of you and your mother.
  • A 12x 14 sized photo frame
  • A white chart paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cellophane sheet


  • We have brought to you the easiest yet a very sweet DIY idea to gift something extraordinary to your mother. Club all the above-listed materials first.
  • Paste the white chart paper at the base of the photo frame.
  • Now, carefully arrange all your instant prints from Instax Mini 9 in a heart-shaped collage.
  • Once the pictures are arranged in the desired layout, start pasting them by using hot glue.
  • Leave the frame to dry for some time.
  • Finally, give your frame a final addition by wrapping it neatly with a cellophane sheet.

And with this, you have a sweet hand-crafted gift ready for your mother.

Not just this, there are ample other simple DIYs that you can do with the Instax Mini 9’s instant prints. A unique personalized gift will certainly augment the love and happiness of your mom.

Make this Mother’s Day memorable for both of you with the charm of Instax Mini 9.

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