Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Instax Cameras!

Valentine’s Day is approaching! Have you planned something special for your partner? Every 14th February, it becomes hard to pick a perfect gift for the love of your life. After all, chocolates and flowers are now not enough to make your partner feel special. In the race of bringing the best gift, people generally land up with empty pockets. Therefore, Instax suggests you take the stress out and celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your partner and cute-little Instax Camera.

Want to know how?

The market is full of expensive gift, but we have some affordable options for you – Instax Mini 9 and Instax SQ6. Pick one from these two options to make your day special for the love of your life. We will help you in choosing one from these two cameras by sharing a brief about them.

Price: ₹ 5,530


  • Vibrant Colours – Instax Mini 9 comes in five stylish colours – Cobalt blue, Ice blue, Flamingo Pink, Lime green and smoky white to enhance your photography experience.
  • Selfie Mirror- With the selfie mirror, you can capture you and your partner in one frame by just checking the framing through the mirror next to the lens.
  • Close-up Lens Attachment- Instax Mini 9 camera allows you to capture the objects very closely with the help of close-up lens attachment. With this attachment, shooting up to 35cm away is possible.
  • High-Key Mode- Setting the brightness adjustment dial to the high-key mode mark allows you to take pictures with a softer impression.
  • Brightness Adjustment Dial- Instax Mini 9 automatically determines the best brightness for taking a picture, and lights up the most suitable setting based on your surroundings.

Not just that! Instax has some more to show you. We offer some exciting Instax Mini 9 packs including every essential required that would make your photography experience awesome. On this Valentine’s Day, you can also choose an Instax Mini 9 pack to impress your partner. To know more about these packs, keep scrolling our blog!

Instax Mini 9 Festive Pack:

Price: ₹ 9,218
Offer Price: ₹ 6,542
What is inside the box?
  • Instax Mini 9 Camera – 1 Unit
  • Close up Lens – 1 Unit
  • Carry Case – 1 Unit
  • Twin Film Pack – 1 Unit
  • Photo Marker – 1 Unit
  • Album – 1 Unit
  • Table Frames – 1 Unit
  • Fridge Frame Magnets – 1 Unit
  • Festive Greeting Cards – 1 Unit
  • Frame Sticker – 1 set

Instax Mini 9 Joy Box:

Price: ₹5,991
Let us dig out, what exciting is inside this box:
  • Instax Mini 9 Camera – 1 Unit
  • Twin Film Pack (10X2) – 1 Unit
  • Instax Carry Case – 1 Unit
  • Batteries LR6 – 2 Units
  • Photo Frame – 1 Unit
  • Album – 1 Unit
  • Photo Marker – 1 Unit
  • Strap – 1 Unit
  • Instruction Manual – 1 Unit
  • Warranty Card – 1 Unit

Mini Bundle Pack:

Price: ₹ 7,959
Offer Price: ₹ 5,530
Find out some super cool stuff in this mini bundle pack below!
  • Instax Mini 9 Camera – 1 Unit
  • Instax Mini Twin Film pack 10X2 – 2 Unit
  • Photo Bunting – 1 Unit
  • Sticker Set – 1 Unit
  • Batteries – 2 Units
  • Warranty Card – 1 Unit
  • Instruction Manual – 1 Unit

Where to buy?

Price: ₹9,999


      • Squared Format Films- With square format, there is no need to waste a precious moment deciding whether to capture it in portrait or landscape – just pick up the camera and snap!
      • Stylish Camera Design- With super sleek design, the stylish Instax SQ6 comes in graphite grey, blush gold, and smoky white.
      • Automatic Exposure Control- No matter you are capturing pictures in dark room or at night, the camera knows to brighten both the subject and background with Automatic Exposure Control.
      • Macro & Landscape Mode- The macro mode of camera allows you to capture subjects from a close range of 30cm-50cm and the landscape mode makes it ideal for capturing the subjects in distance (2m-infinity)
      • Double Exposure Mode- In this function, you can press the shutter twice to capture an artistic shot with two images in the same print
      • 3 Flash Colour Filters- Three flash colour filters (Orange, Purple, and Green) can be attached to the flash to get the better prints.


Where to buy?

Express your love with Instax cameras, the perfect gift that fits your budget and expectations. Now, have a look on how you can make the day special for her with Instax Mini Cameras.

Wake up your sleeping beauty with a bed tea, nicely plated on a tray with Instax Mini 9 or Instax SQ6 print. Write ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ on the film and give a fantastic start to your awaited day.

In the daytime, you can gift her dress or just a red rose. Capture all your fun moments on Valentine’s Day by using selfie mirror of Instax Mini 9 or selfie mode of Instax SQ6 camera.

Valentine’s eve is one of the most beautiful times of the year. There is love all around; you also take him/her out for a walk or some restraint and capture, your beautiful time using High-Key mode of Instax Mini 9 or Automatic exposure control of Instax SQ6.

In the night, after returning to home, collect all the prints, put them in a scrapbook, and name the book as ‘Diary of Love’. We are sure; you will cherish this diary for all the life.

We hope you loved this idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day with Instax Camera and will implement these ideas to make the day special for your partner.
So order your Instax cameras from Amazon today!

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