Make your day memorable with Instax Mini 70

In a world of selfies and posed pictures, random or candid photos have somehow fallen into oblivion. However, the charm and ecstasy of photographs [...]

Let’s do something creative With instant prints!

One can only feel the complete joy of photography after they have used Instax instant print cameras. If you have one, you are more likely to [...]

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Mother’s day is just around the corner and it is a task to choose a gift for someone, especially when it comes to moms. Every mother is different [...]

Take your Party to the next level with Instax

Planning a party isn’t a plain-sailing task anymore. Days, when a good-to-go menu and a quick guest list were enough planning for a party, are long [...]

Rejoice with the best of both worlds: Instax SQ10 Hybrid Instant Camera

(Instant Print + Digital Technologies) Photographs are the most tangible way of preserving memories. These little pieces of paper speak a thousand [...]

Instant Photography is more fun & colourful, Instax Mini special design films

Don’t we all love clicking pictures? They are like that precious piece of memory which steers us back in time whenever we look at it. However, the [...]