Beautify your festive gifts with Instax Mini 9

Diwali coming up very soon! Have you started shopping for new dresses, home décor items and gifts for friends and family? If No, then you are on the right track. This Diwali create something on your own to make your people smile. As always, today again we are here with a fun and interesting idea to add a pinch of jazz in your festivities with Instax Mini 9.
We are doing a quick and simple DIY on how to make your festive gift look pretty and adorable with Instax Mini 9. Shall we start?

Things you’ll need:
• Single colour wrapping papers
• Tape
• Scissors
• Instax Mini 9 instant prints
• Ribbons
• Coloured adhesive tapes


Step 1

Take a wrapping paper of your choice. It can be of any colour; you only have to make sure it carries a single tone just so that instant prints and ribbons stand out. Wrap your gift with it using scissors and tape.

Step 2

Take your best Instax Mini 9 prints that you have. Once you have the photos, lay them out on top of your gift. You can use one picture or a pair. Decide how you want to place them and then stick them using the coloured tapes.

Pro tip: If you are using a muted coloured wrapping paper, you can balance the look of the gift by using Instax designer prints.

Step 3

You can now finish the gift wrapping by accenting it with a ribbon. Tie it in the traditional bow style. Again, be mindful of the colours you pick for the ribbon, it should complement the wrapping paper.

Instax Mini 9 and just three easy steps! And, here is the gift ready. We are sure your guests, friends and relatives will be delighted to see the special efforts that you have put into beautifying & personalizing their gifts for them.

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