All that you need to know between instax Mini 9 or instax SQUARE SQ6?

All the instax cameras are made for capturing portraits of our heart’s content and special moments. Thus, it gets difficult to choose one instax camera from all the super cool options available at your favourite online shopping store.

So if you are confused in choosing between instax Mini 9 and instax Square SQ6, then get a cup of coffee and keep scrolling the blog!

Instax Mini 9 – A Mini Camera with a Maximum Impact!

The cute, little compact instax Mini 9 camera with bursting features has become a party, festival, and day out essential. Available in five refreshing colours- Cobalt blue, Ice blue, Flamingo Pink, Lime Green, and Smoky White, instax Mini 9 prints have the power to transport you right back into that moment.

Let us discover the features of trendy instax Mini 9 camera!

Whether you are a pouter or the tongue sticker-outer, instax Mini 9 is perfect in capturing selfies for all. With a Selfie Mirror positioned right next to the lens, and a close-up lens attached, it makes framing easy at the arm’s length. Along with that, the Mini 9 camera is also excellent for capturing the fashion and beauty shots in the low light. Setting the brightness adjustment dial on High-Key mode lets you take pictures with the softer impressions. The brightness adjustment control cleverly figures out the exposure and lights up the most suitable setting based on your surroundings.

Price: ₹5,530
Where to Buy: Locate your nearest store at Dealers or buy from Amazon at Amazon.

Instax Square SQ6 – Real Life, Beautifully Squared!

Leveraged with the super stylish looks and extraordinary features, instax Square SQ6 is a perfect daydream turned into reality. Along with a stylish look, the camera also features easy-to-use creative modes that support your adventurous side. The beautifully symmetrical camera comes in Pearl white, Graphite Gray, and Blush Gold colours.

One of the super advantages that instax SQ6 cameras have is its ‘Square Format’. With square format, you need not waste your precious moments in deciding. Just grab the camera and snap the moment! The selfie mirror combined with the selfie mode performs exceedingly well for the camera. You only need to check your frame in the mirror and rest is handled by the selfie mode of the camera. It automatically adjusts the focal length and clicks your best shot. Along with the selfie mode, the instax SQ6 has automatic exposure control, macro mode, and landscape mode to create clear images. The camera also has three flash colour filters – orange, purple, and green. Choose one from them and create attention-grabbing vibes by fitting it on the built-in flash.

Price: ₹9,999
Where to Buy: Locate your nearest store at Dealers or buy from Amazon at Amazon.

Since both the cameras are super cool and super trendy, it is difficult to make a decision without looking at the specifications. Have a look at the table below for better comparison.

Features Instax Mini 9 (Mini)
Instax Square SQ6
Film Format Mini Square
Picture Size 62X46mm 62X62 mm
Focal Length 60mm 65.75mm
Self-Timer No 10 Seconds
Built in Flash Yes Yes
Flash Modes Not Applicable Auto
Tripod Mounting No Yes
Weight 306.2 g 393 g
Battery Model AA CR2
Accessories Inbox Instax Mini 9 Camera, Manual and Warranty Card. Instax Square SQ6, Two CR2 lithium batteries, Shoulder Strap, Three flash filters, User Manual & Warranty Card .

Choosing between instax Mini 9 and instax SQ6 is a tough choice because both the cameras offer excellent features. Compare the features with the table above and buy your favourite instax to enjoy capturing instant moments!

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